Getting started guide EAAB

We verify your professional qualification to prove your expertise, build trust & help you win & retain clients. Enable client to view your credentials digitally

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Getting started guide EAAB

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We verify your professional qualification to prove your expertise, build trust and help you win and retain clients.


  • The digital accreditation service provides you with a dynamic, digital seal, called a Privyseal, and detailed Verification Certificate.
  • Your Privyseal and linked Verification Certificate verifies your professional designation as a member as well as your contact details, your Fidelity Fund Certificate status, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) status and more.
  • Your Privyseal should be inserted into your email signature, website and social media profiles. It confirms your professional qualification as a member, provided the records of the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) confirm your good-standing and ongoing compliance.
  • Your Privyseal will not display if there is a problem with your records at the EAAB.


  • Your Privyseal is a powerful way to prove your qualifications and distinguish you from your unregistered or non-compliant competitors.
  • The PrivySeal service is paid for by the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB).
  • Your Privyseal will help the public distinguish between genuine members registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board and non-compliant persons purporting to be a member.
  • Your Privyseal will help to decrease qualification fraud and the associated risks of poor service and costly mistakes.
  • By using your Privyseal in your communications you make your key qualifications and ongoing compliance highly visible.
  • Your Privyseal removes any possible doubt as to your professional competence and assures those who deal with you that you can be trusted.
  • Your Privyseal may be used to securely sign documents and other files in your professional capacity as an EAAB Privyseal Holder. Such documents may be securely shared with banks and other key stakeholders.


  • Are always genuine, current and accessible, unlike paper- based certifications;
  • Provide constantly updated information;
  • Allow you to showcase your expertise and compliance;
  • Protect the public by distinguishing between compliant registered estate agents and non-compliant unregistered persons purporting to be an estate agent; and
  • Reward you, as a compliant estate agent, for the significant ongoing costs of compliance.


  • To make use of the PrivySeal service you need to ensure that your contact details are correctly reflected with the Estate Agency Affairs Board.
  • To do so, you need to first log onto the EAAB website at and login with your ID Number, Surname and EAAB 7 Digit Reference PIN.
  • Once you have updated your mobile and email address details you may proceed to sign-up for your Privyseal.
  • Please sign-up for your Privyseal on

Please note that if you sign-up with a different email address or mobile number from that reflected in the EAAB records, or use a different name, we will not be able to issue you with your PrivySeal.

  • For this reason, please first update your email and mobile number contact details either through the EAAB’s website or records department before you attempt to sign-up with PrivySeal.


  • All you have to do is to visit and sign-up. You don’t have to pay anything!
  • The sign-up form requires that you submit your first name, middle names, last name, email address, mobile number and choose a password. You must verify your email address and mobile number by entering the timed one time personal identification numbers we send you by email and SMS.
  • Once your email and mobile number have been verified, please check the box to accept our Terms & Conditions and click on the SUBMIT button. You will then be taken to your profile page where your Privyseal will be displayed.


Need help, view our knowledge base for guides

  • Click on the Email Installation Instructions link below your Privyseal. You will see that you need to copy and paste the Privyseal link into your email signature edit box.
  • To do so you will need to open your email programme and edit your email signature.
  • Once you have your email signature editor open you may add the link to your Privyseal into your email signature, this is the first link ending “/1s”.
  • Your Privyseal should then display in your email signature editor.
  • Once you see your Privyseal, right click on your Privyseal and add a hyperlink to your Verification Certificate, this is the second link ending “/1c”.
  • You must then save your changes and test that your Privyseal is displaying correctly in your email signature.
  • To do so, please click on your Privyseal.
  • Clicking on your Privyseal should open up an internet browser window that displays your Verification Certificate on


You may share your Privyseal on your social media accounts by clicking on the share button on your Verification Certificate. Provided you are logged into your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter account, your PrivySeal Verification Certificate will be posted to your account and alert your friends and colleagues that you have a Privyseal and are recognized as a genuine and compliant Registrant in good standing with the Estate Agency Affairs Board.


We’d love to hear your feedback. If you have any comments or suggestions, please click on ‘Contact’ while you are logged into PrivySeal or email Or visit our Knowledge Base.


Security of your data is of paramount importance to PrivySeal. As such, certain private details (such as passwords, ID numbers, etc) are never stored anywhere in our system.

We make use of strong encryption and one-way hashing to protect critical data. We are continually updating our systems to keep them secure and resilient in the face of the latest online threats.

Lastly, all your interactions with the PrivySeal website are secured with strong SSL encryption, and we are proud to be one of the very few websites with an A+ SSL security rating from Qualys Labs.


PrivySeal was established in 2010 to protect consumers. To find out more, please visit